• Venombase Records and Management

    “Just took a look at the latest report and WOW you guys have been busy!  It’s so pleasing to work alongside you with the same drive and passion for our artist” after Stephen White hit the official UK Commercial Pop Chart at Music Week.

  • Universal Music Mena

    ‘That’s great News’ about Esther Eden hitting the official U.K Music Week Pop/Club Charts

  • Warner Gallo Music

    “Matchbox are forerunners in new indie-pendent music, professional in all instances with the heart to really work your band”

  • Eddie Gordon - Creator of BBC Radio One essential Mix and Cafe Del Mar

    Matchbox are a “special friend” to the music industry who believe strongly in the artist and their music”

  • Robin Scott - Global 'Pop Muzik' hitmaker after hitting the U.K Top 10 in 2017 with new single 'My Rescue Remedy'

    “Brilliant, You guys are great, I’ve got a great team” – Robin Scott

  • Tapio Kangas Tace Productions Peter Cox Go West 80's hit band

    “Thanks for all the info going straight to no.1 is not a bad start for a campaign. Thanks for a great job”

  • Britain's got talent winners Diversity

    “The TV advert looks brilliant! Really pleased with it ! This is fantastic! We’ve been seeing the ad on quite a lot & its creating quite a buzz which is brilliant”.

  • Mon Frere - Artist, songwriters and Producers
    “We’ve had a great experience working with Matchbox.  These guys know what they’re doing.  We decided to re-release our single, Shadows, and hooked up with Matchbox.  We created a launch plan together that would support the further release of an E.P.  Over a period of over 2 months we found ourselves all over the internet, on loads of blogs that previously had not shown interest, gained substantial internet radio play, had radio play across in Australia and had our song positioned to national UK radio stations such as Kiss and the entire Global network.  This has motivated us to get to the next level & the fact that our name is now on the lips of so many connected people, we feel that we have made a solid step forward in our development.”
  • Amir Higher

    “I saw that I reached top 30 on club chart under commercial pop on UK Music Week! (WW41) Thank you !”

  • Saffron De Bonheur - Artist

    “It’s brilliant, I love it, thank you.  The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Hearing Mikey introduce that track and playing it first on his show was probably the best moment of my life so far … thank you” https://youtu.be/N7I03ILxHt8

  • Adam Gerdes and Jon Buckley from Phase 180

    “The promotion side of the work Matchbox is doing for us is excellent, we have no complaints and are very happy with the way our product has been distributed to clubs and radio DJs. This was INVALUABLE advice…I wouldn’t have even known about this if you hadn’t advised. I have found the research fascinating. I have been investigating the radio stations and clubs that have been supporting the track and it’s amazing how far and wide it has travelled”

  • Rene Ellenbaas, Frogland and Waylon from The Common Linnets Eurovision Song Contest finalists

    “Matchbox is run by a very creative man who has his heart 200% behind the music/bands/musicians. Great platform to get things going”.

  • Cardboard Foxes - Richard Bueno after hitting the official Music Week Charts

    “Thanks again to you and the team for your hard work and really appreciate everything you’re doing for me at the moment”.

  • John Cauwood - Sony Music

    “Thanks very much for your help”

  • Virgin Records

    “Matchbox was really efficient it is great to be in contact with them”

  • Keenan Cahill

    ” Thanks I’m up there with the big stars”

  • Live 365 The world's largest Internet Radio network

    Top-notch roster of artists from the UK, Europe and worldwide

  • Pete Kerr

    “Thanks we’re delighted with the phenomenal success on the official Irish charts”

  • Paul Manners, Britain's Got Talent

    “Wow we love the Remix it’s brilliant ! I have checked the Radio websites and it’s on the playlist”

  • Paul Ryder founder of The Happy Mondays

    We were on the Radio cos Matchbox Music PR F***ing got us on there “

  • Toochi, Music Week Chart toppers

    “Thanks so much! How exciting We are really pleased with the report that’s amazing”

  • Angela Smith

    “The enthusiasm and commitment of Dale Olivier and his team at Matchbox is incredible and unrivalled they get you heard”

  • Pink Panda Music - Robyn, Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris

    “Thx for all your support this year !! Remix project definitely factored in getting us our new management”

  • Donna Hinez

    “Thanks that’s amazing news about my BBC Radio session and interview your consistency is very much appreciated”

  • Joss Akore Tour Manager Pharella, Devlin, Mario, Sinnita.

    “Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put in”.

  • Sunny Tumbler/DJ Rags, Snoop Dogg, MC Fatman Scoop

    “Looks great amazing feedback”

  • SkullClub - Sony Music Australia

    “Thanks for the fantastic service it’s good to see so many Radio stations onboard “.

  • Rae Stewart, Artist - Jerome Graham, Manager

    ‘Great News’ after hitting the official UK Music Week Charts with ‘Be Down’ 

  • Steve Fox - 106.9 SFM Radio

    “Love the new site and the easiness and speed of downloading a track, well done! This track has the potential for a top 40 position”

  • Xavier - Mind Blowing Pop Band

    “Interview done !. Thanks again for all your support !. I am extremely grateful for your help and for your taking care !

  • Reevox

    “Thanks for your e-mail. I’ve read the report and it looks really good”

  • Panfilo, Ranco Records

    “Thanks so much for the 2 reports for Candy and Annick it’s amazing I am so happy with it”.

  • Dreamboxx Productions, Rene Byrd feat John Holt

    “Thank you for the work great news regarding the position in the Reggae Chart and Radio Placement.  Exciting!!”

  • Gaurika

    “Thanks for the airplay and live support slots with legends Status Quo and Katrina and the waves”

  • Olly.ion - Producer and artist

    “This looks fantastic Great work!”

  • Szekely Records

    “We are very happy with the professionalism with which Matchbox Music PR UK handled the entire campaign. Thank you for the amazing work”

  • Vocaliz, Rap Hip Hop star

    “It’s very exciting to see start seeing results that’s almost 40 Radio stations that confirmed that they liked the record and will play it.

  • PressPlay/Rise Music Management

    We’re working with a great company called Matchbox Music promotion in the U.K. They promote great music to Radio, Press and work hard. Thank You. Keep up the great plugging work”.

  • Amy Lerie, French singer songwriter

    “Thanks for what you’ve done so far I’m very happy to hear my song on the Radio”.

  • Mitch Harris ( Legendary guitarist with Chris Evans, Steve Lamacq and Jim Carrey faves and legends Napalm Death)

    “Thanks for the feedback report all looking good”.

  • Keith Badman manager of Legendary Rock band 'Queen'

    “Thanks for the help you gave us on the Queen documentary it’s now aired on BBC2”

  • Vintess Organisation, Glints Record Label, France

    ” Thank you for your help and advice, your time and encouragement. It my pleasure to work with you and your team. Thank you Mr Olivier, a word is not enough to express my gratitude. God bless you and your teams”

  • George Baker, Roadhouse Records

    “Wow all of those stations I’ve got a hit song, You don’t play when it comes to promotion this is mind blowing, So glad to have you on the team”.

  • Highland FM Australia

    Matchbox Music P.R and marketing are true masters and pioneers of giving independent artists a voice that can be heard worldwide. Not many companies are able to do this in such a professional manner”.

  • Charlie Yang

    The reports are awesome, looks great ! After achieving a NO 1 top rated track by worldwide DJ’s “Obviously very exciting stuff want to spread the news” !

  • Colin Chaston, Get GOT Musical and Janski Productions

    “From our very first contact, Dale Olivier and Matchbox have worked closely with us to produce cool album artwork and hot remixes through their associates, by making the tracks available to Radio producers and DJ’s around the world, Matchbox have given our E.P and album great exposure which has resulted in a lot of Radio airplay with great feedback. I consider Matchbox to be an important partner to our business and look forward to working on many more projects together”.

  • Fay

    ‘Thanks a lot for the report! I’m so pleased with it, it’s all looking absolutely amazing’

  • Rubicon Recordings/Manifesto

     “Both Damon and I are blown away by the work you guys have done it’s very much appreciated to know we have your support”

  • Emy Perez

    “Thank you for the great news. Give my thanks to everybody”

  • Iyatola Records

    “Thank you for sending the update very excited about the new stations”

  • Marxie - U.K Hip Hop artist

    “WOW great work”

  • Marc Clerkin/Jezz - Producer and songwriter

    “Thank you guys…very  impressed”

  • Chanda Mbao - Artist

    “Glad to see the progress, I’ve actually noticed a growth in the number of Shazam’s of the song, likely as a result of the increased exposure”.

  • Vincent Fournier

    “The live support/show you setup with legendary artist Paul Young went great”

  • Melissa James
    “Thank you so much for organising the Radio interview that was super exciting they were delightful”
  • Soul Train Radio, Bristol UK

    “Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated”

  • K Malcolm - Artist ( Tinie Tempah, K Sounds, nDubz, solo )

    “Thank You for the wonderful service and statistics money well spent. Your service has been exceedingly good”

  • Jay Elle - New York singer songwriter

    “Fantastic work! Congratulations and thank you to you and your team.”

  • Hipman Junky feat K. Koke

    “Thanks for the report update and I’m very happy with the progress of the song”